So I got to thinking…

8 Jul

Well, this is it then, our last day before we fly home. The bags are all packed apart from the last bits and pieces – what an event that has been!

Now all that is left is reflection on happy times.


This was Robert on our first drive up to Whistler in November 2008 – 48000 miles later I am pleased to say he drove with more of a  relaxed disposition and a smile on his face!

He drove us safely over all those miles without major incident. He did give me a few worried moments in the early days I grew accustomed to my position as navigator but drove very little.

Our enjoyment has been shared with all those who have read my blog and I thank you for the lovely comments and support for my ramblings you have sent me. I set out to write enough to keep the family up to date – it turned out to be a little more than I expected.

Little did we know when we set out on this adventure how much we would learn, how much we would see and how many wonderful people we would meet along the way. We could never have imagined how the people of Canada and the US would overwhelm us with their generosity of spirit and hospitality. We certainly did not expect to fall in love with the country as we did either. We have made so many wonderful friends – thank you all for the great times we have shared, brief encounters or longer have all enhanced our life.

England here we come – look out everyone ‘The Hills’ are coming home!




2 Responses to “So I got to thinking…”

  1. lizstaats July 8, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

    Hmm, I remember Ron looking like this when he first starting driving the “Purple Machine”… now he is a little more relaxed. So I do the driving in Europe or Dennis does, but we will defintely miss your blog on your Canadian/USA travels. Now we look forward to seeing what you say about being home in England. I am sure you will have some adjustment and then you will get that travel bug in your system that says, “why aren’t we on an airplane back to the US”, but you will be home with your family and enjoying your grandchildren. Then in a couple of years, you just may do this again over here. However, I am so glad we finally got to meet in the flesh. It was like meeting and being with someone who I have known for forever. When you left I was so emotional but then I realized I have a friend who I know I will always keep in touch with and I can’t wait until we see you both again in September over in your country. BTW, can Robert get us a deal on a Nissan??? Still miss that 1984 Red 300ZX what a machine!!!!

  2. Sue July 11, 2012 at 7:53 am #

    We finally emerged from Yellowstone, backinto the land of connectivity. Hope your flight went well. Drop us a line when you get settled!

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