A little light entertainment and a change of pace!

26 Feb

Whilst we were staying in Leaf Verde in Buckeye when we first returned to Arizona we met Mike and Barbara, proud owners of a brand new ‘Bounder’ Motor Home (same make as haRVey). We had time for some brief conversation and exchange of hints and tips before we had to go our separate ways but, kept in contact. When we were due to return to Buckeye for a couple of nights we were pleased to discover Mike and Barbara would be there too so we could continue our exchange.

Better still it turned out that Mike and his two friends Garry and Dave – who collectively form the Arizona Trio – were performing one of many concerts in the area the same week end. We were also due to meet UK friends Helen and Peter who have a home near Buckeye. We hoped we could all share the concert event but unfortunately Helen was unwell and had to miss out.

The trio set up equipment and performed sound checks while Robert and I chatted with Barbara and Dave’s wife Carol who had been very excited to discover the advertising board had a banner across it declaring the event a sell out concert. All 800 tickets sold and an extra row of seats added at the back, two of which were for us!

The evening began with comedian Brad Zinn who had us chuckling even though some of the jokes were very US comedy specific, he recreated some of the well known (but not to us) older US comics. After half an hour the trio began their segment playing songs from the 50’s and 60’s many of which I knew but had long forgotten. Soon I was joining in singing and clapping with the rest of the appreciative audience.


Saturday morning I was still humming the tunes as we drove along the I10 (fortunate for Robert we bought the CD so he can learn and join in too!). We were heading for Quartzite and another meeting with Sue and Paul.

Quartzite is a phenomenon with RV’ers as a place to just hang out in the desert. In January a huge event takes place there with various groups gathering to socialise and take advantage of the traders who also arrive to sell many and various ‘things’. This main event was over but a good amount of folk were still gathered ‘boon docking’ (dry camping in a free location) on the BLM land around the town.


We had a rendezvous set up with Sue and Paul who have visited Quartzite before and knew the good places to set up camp. We found them quite easily as the desert is so flat here and with little vegetation it would be hard to hide. Despite the barren land we find it also quite picturesque. The surrounding mountains giving an interesting backdrop.

As always Sue had done her research well and we first of all took a ride out to visit a small town close by that she had heard might be of interest. Now Sue may do the research but Paul is the driver and if he sees a turning of interest he is prone to dive off to investigate. The first unscheduled visit was to a Geoglyph site – a picture in the desert


My picture is of the notice board as the actual picture in the sand took us all a while to make out and a photo would have probably shown something which looked like bare desert! We had fun finding the bits of the fisherman and working out the picture.

Our second unscheduled stop was quickly aborted when Paul had to agree with Sue and I that their truck was just too big for the narrow dirt road and the pot holes were probably going to swallow us up!

Next day we set off to find Palm Canyon. A few miles drive out of Quartzite and a half P1240845mile or so hike bought us to the viewing location of a group of California Fan Palms high in a rocky canyon. We had all expected to look down on the trees for some reason so it took a while to realise they were above us.









The sun falls on them around mid day and we had timed it almost right ….




These palms are thought to be the only native Palm trees growing in Arizona, its hard to date them as they do not have growth rings like other trees but they are thought to be the decedents of palm which grew around the time of the last North American glaciation.







We took a stroll around Quartzite town and browsed the remaining stalls looking at all the useful things we reallyP1240854 did not need before heading back for an evening together watching the setting sun.









I still find it hard to believe that the next day we sat together from mid morning until tea time chatting, then went to Silly Al’s for Pizza before coming back for a camp fire and more conversation…. a lazy day but so enjoyable – great company!



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