Into 2012

18 Jan


From the North East we drove south to spend New years Eve with Elizabeth Alistair and Mellissa in Plymouth. Another round of gift exchange and much excitement for Mellissa on our arrival unfortunately was replaced by a nasty cold and our second day I spent most of the time cuddling a poorly little girl and reading her stories.


The weather was pretty wet and windy too, so staying in was not too much hardship but by Monday we all felt like a bit of fresh air. We drove a few miles to Bovisand but the wind was blowing so hard we got out of the car, walked a short distance and back again to the car, well this is England and winter, what more can we expect?


Devon and Cornwall are renown destinations for surfers and some hardy souls were in the water, rather them than me.

Tuesday morning we set off from Plymouth in horizontal rain and gale force winds to drive further south to Penzance for a few days visit with friends Linda and Derek in their home overlooking Newlyn harbour.


We always enjoy catching up and as Linda and Derek enjoy walking too, we decided to make the most of our first day walking part of the coastal path from Lelant to St Ives.

(Cornwall map at the end of blog)

Cornwall is beautiful at this time of year as the Spring arrives here first. We were amazed at the number of flowers already in bloom and the commercial fields of daffodils were golden already.



This historical building made a good rest stop along our route.It was a ‘Huers’ lookout. The Huers would take up position high on the cliffs watching for the pilchard shoals, the boats could then be signalled too, directing them towards a good catch.

The weather was a little damp but we did not notice that or the mud too much as we walked and talked. Even in the grey January weather St Ives shone out as we approached it.


It was a welcome sight and we were looking forward to a snack and a drink in one of the local pubs, unfortunately the kitchen had closed so we made do with beer and Rattler (local hard cider) then went in search of a chip shop. It was now getting dusk and we were grateful there was a train to take us on our return journey, the muddy coastal path would not have been good in the dark.


A more traditional Cornish snack in a local bakers store, Cornish Pasty along with scones and jam all they need is the clotted cream!



Next day Robert and I went out to explore a different part of the coastal route slightly north from St Ives. The day was brighter but a strong wind had a distinct chill in it. We parked up near to Godrevy lighthouse which sits on a small island just off the coast.


As we walked along I saw some people looking over a fence at the edge of the cliff, of course you have to peer over too don’t you? I was pleased I did as about 40 feet below us in a sheltered bay where only the tide could reach lay a multi coloured carpet of seals!




We stood and watched them for a while, some hauling themselves along the sand and into the water, playing in the foaming white breakers. They are so much more graceful in the water than on land. What a privilege to be able to observe these lovely creatures without disturbing them.







For lunch we found a small cafe at Peraneuthnoe (just north of Penzance) within a craft barn complex. The sign which read IMG_0166Cornish Wool had to be investigated too resulting in a nice souvenir of our trip for me to take ‘home’. Well how could I resist the lovely colour and the fact that the sheep were grazing in fields about 10 miles away. I always like to support local industry!



Our last evening with Linda and Derek we spent at The Coastguard in the lovely village of Mousehole, enjoying a lovely meal in the same surroundings where they celebrated after their wedding earlier in the year. As we had been unable to join them on that occasion it was fitting to toast the happy couple before our meal.


We spent the week end back in Plymouth with Elizabeth Alistair and Melissa before IMG_0145returning to Nuneaton for 5 days with Mum and Dad. This passed over too quickly too with visits to see my sister and a night out with good friends Gloria and Colin, also joined at precisely the right moment to enjoy pudding, by their daughter Yvonne!



And so we wended our way north, we are once more in the apartment at Riding farm where the weather is a fraction more seasonal.


Heavy frost and very cold overnight temperatures have bought us back to the realisation of what winter in the UK is all about.

Next week we fly back to Phoenix so are now trying to tie up all the bits and pieces we have left to do and see as many people as we can who are still to be ticked off the list. As always we wont get to do everything we would like but – summers coming!





4 Responses to “Into 2012”

  1. Sue January 18, 2012 at 7:33 pm #

    glad to hear you are having a great time visiting, even if the weather is cold. It was pretty cold here for a while too. Looking forward to catching up with you when you get here. Let us know your “plans”.
    Great pic of the seals, by the way.

  2. Katy January 18, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

    Elaine, what wonderful photos and stories! The photo of the sunset is gorgeous. Glad to see you’re having a great time while there.

  3. Linda January 27, 2012 at 6:38 pm #

    Welcome back to the USA. Have you thawed out yet? We are nervously awaiting our trip home in two weeks time – worrying about surviving the cold temperatures for 4 weeks – we have had wonderful temperatures for a couple of weeks (in the 80s). How did you get on coming back in this time?

    • elainethehill January 28, 2012 at 7:03 am #

      Thanks for the welcome back, its pretty easy to get settled into this nice weather, in the 70’s in AZ. I don’t envy you UK in February however I am sure the welcome from family and friends will make up for the weather. It always does for us.
      No issues at the immigration this time thankfully we sailed through and have 6 months on our visa’s.
      Enjoy the Florida sun while you can!

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