Into Utah

26 Oct

Our journey continues into Utah and the scenery continues to impress. We travelled on the Interstate 84 for a couple of days to get us to where we wanted to be but the miles seemed to pass easily as the views around us entertained.

Just prior to the Utah border however, we had our first glimpse of snow for a while when we stopped overnight in Heyburn, a lovely municipal campground beside the Snake River. The land adjacent to the campground is laid out as a park with tarmac walking paths just right for an evening stroll after a days travelling.


To avoid the busy interstate around Salt Lake City we chose to use the I84 east then cut off on route 40. We were surprised how different the landscape was as we turned east on the I84, lots of red rock, very rural, lots of ranches and lots of sheep and alpaca! Sheep were introduced to this area by the Mormon settlers, I saw one reference to 40,000 being herded all the way from New Mexico, well we saw more sheep than usual but not 40,000.

We had picked out Jordanelle State Park for an overnight stop. The campground is terraced above the reservoir and we were fortunate to get one of the few vacant spaces overlooking the water.


The hills all around us were glowing warm autumn colours in the late sunshine, not the usual yellows, reds and bright gold’s but subtle olives and warm browns. I am not sure what the shrubs were, they were too distant to see but they certainly made a pretty picture.


Our next stop was going to be Starvation State Park, perhaps the name should have given clues to the surroundings, this was perhaps the least attractive location we had been in recently….it was totally barren rock around a reservoir…. we decided not to stop, continuing on to join highway 191 from Duchesne UT. This is marked on our map as a scenic route and we realised it would take us over a high pass but first of all we found the road winding through a rocky canyon, its walls closing in on either side before the road climbed high to the summit of the 9,114 foot pass where once again the view was not to be missed but so difficult to capture in a photograph.


haRVey having grunted and puffed his way to the top cruised swiftly down the opposite side



Seemingly miles from anywhere we came to a coal fired power station….. actually quite well camouflaged in its surroundings.


The communities of Helper, Carbonville, Price and East Carbon all appear to be dependent on coal extraction.

The direction of our travel was being determined by our desire to visit some of Utah’s more famous places. In our first year we  enjoyed visits to Zion and Bryce, last October we had a great visit to Arches National Park so now we were making for Capitol Reef National Park and  Goblin Valley State Park, so much to tell about these two locations I will give them there own space in a separate post quite shortly but for now a taste…




High in Capitol Reef

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