From Ontario into Michigan UP

8 Sep

An upcoming holiday in Canada meant we had to make p***s!

Anyone who has been following our travels will know we do not do this easily, our journey is go as you please as much as it can be. However, if we want a decent site in holiday periods we have to book. We also needed to drive west from Ottawa area so chose for two nights Fairbanks Provincial Park. On the map it did not seem too far off the main highway 17 but the miles seemed endless once we got on to the very pot holed road leading to the park. This wasn’t a gravel road but it might well have been as it jolted and joggled us along.

We checked in at the gate and drove to our designated site only to discover it was a tad small for haRVey’s length and width, we could have squeezed on but …. back at the check in we had been given the numbers of other available sites so we walked around and chose one we had more space in, it was also a little brighter with less trees overhanging.

Our second disappointment was the lack of trails, Robert had thought there was a few and that you could walk around the lake, it turned out that you could walk to the beach area, a short way around it and other than that there was a fairly rough steep looking trail to one side of the lake. We did intend to explore this trail but the first visit I had not put on my walking shoes and soon realised this was a mistake so we turned back and agreed to return later – when we did a notice had been pinned on the trail head marker apologising that it would be closed between 3 and 5pm … it was 3.20pm – we decided the walk was not meant to be and abandoned the idea.

So, after bumping back along to the main road on Saturday morning we drove the 50 or so miles to Chutes Provincial Park hoping for better things. Our site was big enough if a little muddy, we were given a trail map on arrival and we could see the trails were plenty extensive enough to keep us happy for our two night visit, hurrah!

In fact the trails were lovely, we took the short walk to the Twin Bridges on Saturday afternoon, an easy path which led to the waterfalls and rapids overlooks and as the name suggests two bridges which span the river.


The brooding sky later produced heavy thunder showers which lingered through the night, the puddles on our site growing rapidly. Funny, almost all the other sites were slightly raised and dry…..

Next day we took the slightly longer walk which led through some lovely old unspoiled woodland. Robert was in his element as after warm weather then some rain fungi were popping up absolutely everywhere.


Monday morning we were on the road again, this time heading for Sault St Marie and the US border. We arrived at the border crossing early afternoon to join a short line of vehicles. After our documents had been checked and our asparagus confiscated (for being from Peru! – we usually use up all our fresh food, cooking what we cannot eat. I thought this was Canadian and would be fine, it wasn’t) we were on our way and spent the night at Soo Locks campground handily just down the road from the border crossing.

Having run our stock right down a visit to the supermarket was required before we could begin our route across Michigan, haRVey was also complaining of being hungry and needed his tanks filling with the slightly cheaper US fuel. It was late afternoon before we arrived at the Munising Tourist Park on the shores of Lake Superior, it did not disappoint. We had been here in June of last year and whilst this time we do not have an immediate lakeside site we still have a lovely view.


We walked the lakeshore before tea and then were treated to the most wonderful sunset which seemed to go on and on, the colours intensifying and changing subtly over around 45 minutes before total darkness descended, Superior indeed!



One Response to “From Ontario into Michigan UP”

  1. Joyce Burns September 18, 2011 at 1:32 am #

    Great pics as always Elaine x

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