Wanderers return!

30 Aug

Here we are back in haRVey after our summer visit to family and friends in the UK. We flew into Montreal airport a week ago now, after a night in the hotel we collected a hire car and drove over to the storage location. haRVey was soon up and running with no issues. We then settled in to Lac Lafontaine campground for unpacking proper and re stocking our cupboards.

We soon get into our lifestyle here with extended breakfasts and lazy mornings it only seems a moment since we were thinking about beginning our summer visit now its all over.

After the lovely week end we all spent together for Dad’s 80th in Sherwood Forest Robert and I stayed a few more days with Mum and Dad in Nuneaton before returning to the north east and a week of refurbishment in Jennie’s bathroom, followed by another couple of weeks finishing off the little jobs and generally helping out between Jennie’s and Christopher’s homes.

At the end of July it was Roberts birthday and to celebrate we all spent some time at the IMG_0631Sunderland Air show, where with hundreds of others we enjoyed the spectacle of the aerobatics performed by various aircraft.




The bit best remembered by us all I think, especially impressing Kai, was the Vulcan bomber, its just such a huge airplane and it flew so low over the ocean in front of us all. The noise was incredibly loud!





IMG_0005The first week of August we travelled back to spend a little more time with Mum and Dad, en route we visited Wingham Wool Works where I was in my element trying out all the natural fibres and being bowled over by the glorious array of dyed Merino fibre.

My spindle spinning is coming along nicely with lots of practice. I also have made a few north east fibre friends by visiting the Knit Studio in Blackfriars  and Ring a Rosie in Whitley Bay. I was so pleased to find quite a few spinners who of course were more than willing to share their knowledge.












While in Nuneaton we had a visit from our niece Rachel and great nephew James who is growing up so quickly into a lovely little boy.







Robert got spoiled by his Mum with a lovely chocolate Birthday cake AND apple pie. I suppose I can’t complain as I was treated to my favourite too, Mum makes the best Lemon Meringue pie…. yum!


Close to our home town of Nuneaton is Bosworth Field the site of a very famous battle in English History. Like so many things which are on your doorstep it was a place we had not visited. That was corrected by a drive out with Mum and Dad to view the battlefield and enjoy a pleasant stroll to the nearby steam railway and along the canal. Unfortunately the train puffed out just as we arrived…


The memorial to commemorate the Battle of Bosworth


Enjoying the sunshine – Mum Dad and Robert

We also spent some time in Nuneaton with my sister and our good friends and faithful blog readers Gloria and Colin, we enjoyed a meal with them at a local micro brewery, Robert not missing an opportunity to try yet another brew.

Once more back in the north east our time was running short and we wanted to make the most of what was left.


We helped Ebony discover how many potatoes had grown in their big pot. After tipping them out she weighed them, 2lb 1oz and one potato (found after weighing)!

IMG_0115With Christopher we took the children to the Discovery Museum in Newcastle City Centre. They discovered, among many other things, what fun it is to play in the water.








Fly together in a helicopter!





I made a final visit to The Knit Studio where Anne had dusted off her spinning wheel ….. Meriel was busy trying to get it to stop squeaking when I arrived, I sat down to observe her technique and was soon encouraged to take over…. I spent the rest of the afternoon totally enthralled in the process of spinning on a wheel, my first time ever.







producing this….IMG_0064



which was a much prettier colour than it looks on here!




Our final outing was with Helen, Christopher and Kai to the Shildon Railway Museum near Durham. We had managed to miss the special event which was on the Saturday, it P1190012could have been a bonus though as the museum was not at all busy and we were able to wander around and view the trains and carriages. I was a little disappointed as I would have liked to go right inside them. What we did get to do though was take a ride on a really old bus which took us right back to the beginning of the complex, we were pleased it was no further as we now appreciate how much improved springs are on public transport.








Packing day came around and as always saying our good byes is not easy. Our flights passed over quickly and as I said at the beginning we were soon settled back in. The weather forecasters were already talking about hurricane Irene and we were pleased that by the time it was due anywhere near Montreal we would be further west in Ottawa where we had reservations for the week – end to visit the capital.

On arriving at the Ottawa Municipal Camp Ground we were disappointed to find that the shuttle bus to the city had been discontinued. We were told we could catch public transport instead but this meant we had to drive to the park and ride about a 2 mile journey to get to the opposite side of the carriageway the campground was on. Another blessing in disguise as a round trip day pass cost us $7 as opposed to a $20 shuttle fare.

Ottawa is very pretty, and for the capital city we thought incredibly quiet even if it was Sunday. We crossed over the Rideau Canal where a series of locks transport boats coming from the Saint Laurence River down the canal and into the Ottawa river.


On to Parliament Hill where the green roofs of the buildings contrasted with the grey clouds Irene was pushing across the whole of the eastern States and Provinces along with a very busy wind.


I was very taken with the exterior of the Parliament Library building, this is the only part of the Parliament complex to survive a fire in the early 1900’s.





The bell at the very bottom of the picture is a survivor from the original buildings and has quite a bit of fire damage.








Inside this building the library is absolutely beautiful, our internal photos are not good as the lighting was dim but hopefully this gives an idea.




This is the dome inside the library roof, below sits the figure of Queen Victoria who is well represented throughout the Parliament buildings, it was she who decided Ottawa should be the capital of the new country Canada which England ruled over.









Elsewhere elaborate wood carvings of flowers, many gargoyle like faces and other decorative pieces adorn every inch of the corridors and gothic styled interior which is actually less than 100years old. The wood, a rich mid brown  along with the subdued lighting give a warmth to the building.

Whilst our free, hour long tour was interesting we would have loved more detail of the architecture and its history, the information we received was more directed at the detail of the parliament and the way it worked.

Back at camp the wind lashed the trees above us but no rain, the temperature had dropped significantly, we were able to pick up one television channel to inform us on the progress of Irene. We were so pleased we had left Montreal as the weather was much worse there than had been expected, they had lots of rain and more wind than us. We were even more pleased not to be on the coast as we saw and heard of places we had passed through and visited become victims of the weather. Today I have read how badly affected Vermont has been and again places we have visited flooded and disrupted by this huge storm complex.

We have moved further west in Ontario our route this trip will be westwards for the first few weeks, turning south after re registering haRVey in BC sometime in October. We will end the trip in Phoenix in early December, between here and there are many thousand miles to fill and hopefully adventures to be had along the way. Come back soon for the next instalment!

P1190066One of the many statues around P1190068

Parliament hill, this of a group of women, recognising their role in the Senate.

One Response to “Wanderers return!”

  1. Susan August 30, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    glad you had a great time at home and are now back, ready for more adventure!
    we will be in Michigan for the month of September (New Hudson). Let us know if you happen by that way- if not, we’ll try to catch up sometime before you go back again!

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