Destination achieved!

26 Oct

Day  7 Sunday

We were aware that the west side of Montana would be more at risk of winter weather, one of the reasons we wanted to press on at the beginning of the journey was in case we were delayed by weather travelling through this area. We hoped to reach Spokane in north west Washington, however we had two mountain passes to negotiate and the forecast was for rain.

Low cloud and mist hung in the mountains when we set off just before 8am.


the roads were wet and rain intermittent.

We have now settled into a pattern, driving, comfort stop, more miles,lunch break,more miles, comfort stop – end of day…… we have broken the monotony of the duller sections with constructive conversation and absolute trivia. I have managed a considerable amount of knitting and Robert has plodded on mile after mile.

We arrived in Spokane at 2.32pm, it was worth setting off early as we had a lovely afternoon to relax and enjoy a bit of normality.

Day 8 Monday

The early morning local news relayed to us that the passes we had crossed yesterday had overnight been subject to a considerable amount of snow, we were lucky we had got through in the rain. The forecast however was that the Snoqualmie pass, between us and Seattle would possibly get snow today and high winds were also forecast. The west coast was being battered by the first major winter storm, with swells running at 30 to 35 ft being reported!!

Whilst we hoped to get through to Seattle we had two campgrounds identified along our route in case we had to abort and ride out a storm.

Early morning rain dried out for a while but the wind played with us from time to time. It felt more like a turbulent air flight than riding in a Motor home.

The Columbia river crossing made a welcome break in the scenery, we had not realised how wide it was at this point.


As we neared the pass we could see the high mountains with snow on top. The pass is actually just over 3,000 ft high, the surrounding mountains much higher. The snow line was around 4,000ft at this time.


We had driven through some heavy rain but thankfully as we drove over the pass it was a little lighter.

All thoughts of the Interstate around Seattle had been put to the back of our mind with the concerns about the weather. Our first trip out in February 2009 had taken us down the I 5 through Seattle and we had not enjoyed the experience. It is VERY busy. Now as we hit the traffic the heavens opened and torrential rain almost brought everything to a stand still for several minutes. Today we were using the I 405 which runs almost parallel to the I 5 in the hope the traffic would be lighter, it wasn’t. This section was probably the worst we had driven in the last 7 days.

Eventually we pulled in to Bellingham RV Park at 5.15 pm – our penultimate day of travelling. After all the rain, briefly the sun came out and …..

P1150013 produced a beautiful rainbow for us!

Day 9 Tuesday

A quick call for more gas and a few provisions before we travelled the 15 or so miles to the border crossing. Crossing into Canada never seems to take long, they are happy to see us return it seems. About an hour from the border crossing we arrive in Langley where the insurance office is situated and pull in to their tiny car park taking up a huge amount of room, but  WE HAVE ARRIVED.

The actual process of getting our decals and documents takes about 10 minutes. Conversation with our representative takes a little longer as we discuss our travels.

We are now staying at Pacific Border RV Park in Surrey for at least 4 days to ‘regroup’ gather our thoughts and just chill for a while. (Nice glass of red in hand as I type)

Our total journey was 3,085 we have used around $1000 worth of fuel. (Fuel on the east coast was costing us around $2.68 the most we have seen it advertised for $3. 24 per American gallon) I have not calculated the hours of driving, lets just say – lots –  however that was what we had to do to stay on the road, so we just got on with it.

haRVey has behaved beautifully but the greatest accolade must go to my number 1 chauffeur.

P1140770 X

3 Responses to “Destination achieved!”

  1. Susan October 26, 2010 at 7:13 pm #

    whew! Glad you two made it safely! Glad to hear you’ll be taking a few days to take a deep breath and relax.
    Now you just have to figure out what the most fun route to Florida is!
    Great rainbow picture too!

  2. Jennie October 26, 2010 at 11:31 pm #

    YEY!!!! well done
    mum, dad and haRVey!!!!!
    now you need to PLAN your route down so you can get your flights to england!

    *sorry for saying the p word….*


  3. Gloria October 27, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    Well done Robert hope Elaine let you have a glass of red too.

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