What (a) State were in – update on our location!

24 Oct

Our journey across the States to re register our Motor home in Vancouver BC continues.

Day 5 Friday

When we have internet the first thing I do in the morning is to log on and check the mail while the kettle boils! Today we had the exciting news that my niece had given birth to a baby boy, James Thomas – Welcome to our family! This makes Robert and I great aunt and uncle – we are very proud to be great at last, Thank you Rachel and Rich.

From our overnight campground in Salem South Dakota we set out at 8.40am. South Dakota is mostly flat and the surroundings had now changed from autumn leaves to yellow stubble fields. Here and there crops were still being gathered but in the main the harvest is in.

A lunch stop and a cat nap for Robert, refuel in Rapid City but other than that just the continuation of the miles. The day ended at Spearfish, we had crossed into Mountain time at some point mid state and thus gained another hour on our day we arrived at Elkhorn Ridge at 3.30pm (it would have been 4.30pm the day before) having completed 355 miles.

We were very impressed with the campground which is part of a golf complex.Good sized, well laid pads and very pleasant facilities. We have in the main chosen Good Sam Parks for our stops and have been very pleased with all of them.


Day 6 Saturday

In the early hours I awoke to the distant rumblings of thunder, gradually it came closer and the rain began to patter on the roof. Was this to be the end of our dry journey? We had expected as we progressed to run into forecasted rain but had hoped we could get at least part of Saturday over before we encountered it.

Having gained an hour we took advantage of a lay in and did not leave the campground until 8.25am. The road was wet, the sky grey and heavy but it was not actually raining. Today we could continue on the I 90 or take a short cut from Belle Fourche (the geographical centre of the US) along the 212 which would reduce our miles by 50.


Thankfully we were surprised what a good road the 212 is, there are several mining and chemical plants, blots on the landscape but they obviously help keep a good standard of road maintained for the large trucks which service them.

We were leaving the plains behind and the land now had some higher ground, ups and downs and a few twists made the journey more interesting for a while. We had briefly passed through the corner of Wyoming and into Montana.

As the road progressed into Montana we once again joined the I 90 just before Billings, a ramshackle jumble of a town, well,  this was our view as we passed oil refinery plants and scruffy heavy engineering businesses, this time we were not sad we did not have time to stop.

As the road continued towards our destination for the night in the distance we began to see the vague grey outline of high mountains, before too much longer and with a little help from the map we realised we had reached the edge of the Rockies. I actually felt quite excited, I am not sure if it was the familiarity, like seeing old friends or just knowing this meant we were well into the second half of our journey.


With no Good Sam Park in Bozeman we had decided to use our fall back campground KOA and arrived at 5 pm. Today we have completed 434 miles. Our total distance up to today is 2,247. We think we have around another 800 miles to complete in the next two days to take us to the US border. We hope to be in Langley BC on Tuesday morning at the insurance office. (PS The sun shone almost all day!)


One Response to “What (a) State were in – update on our location!”

  1. Rachel Collier October 24, 2010 at 6:16 am #

    In reference to you finally being Great, you always have been!! Glad your journey is progressing ok and glad we could give you some nice news to break up the milage! xx

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