Location, Location, wrong Location!

21 Oct


This week started out great with a stop at Havre de Grace on our way to a campground near Baltimore, we were planning to stay at Cherry Hill near Washington DC after that and visit the Capital and its attractions. However, this was not to be.

Our registration on haRVey is due for renewal at the end of October and we had been under the impression it could be renewed with a phone call, we had in fact been told at the beginning of October to call back about a week before the renewal was due and that would be soon enough. When Robert made the call back to British Columbia where we are registered he was informed that whilst it was fine for us to be registered as non-residents of the Province we had to physically be IN the province for the documents to be processed.

As we were on the opposite side of the country with 10 days to go before the renewal was due we were slightly shocked and dismayed by this information. We very quickly realised that all we could do was get on the road and begin the journey to the west. A quick calculation said it would be around 2,500 miles. We were on the road within an hour.

Day 1  Monday

We got on the road by 1.30pm, called for fuel before heading for the I 70 our first interstate to carry us west. At 6.20pm having completed 229 miles we arrived in Morgantown, West Virginia. It had been a lovely afternoon and we had surprised ourselves by quite enjoying the scenery.

Day 2 Tuesday

Up early we set off at 8.15am travelling from West Virginia on  into Ohio, ending the day on the extreme west of the state in New Paris. We had travelled 343 miles and another blue sky day, how much more difficult the journey would be if the weather was bad. We also had our 25,000 mile service carried out at a Ford garage en route.

Day 3 Wednesday

We hoped to get through both Indiana and Illinois by the end of the day. Last night we sat and worked through the route a little, we now think it may be a bit more than 2,500 miles. We headed out of the campground at 8.40am and by 6.40 pm we had arrived in West Liberty in Iowa having completed another 433 miles.

Day 4 Thursday

We now have worked right through our route, identifying campgrounds along the way too, we have several options depending on the weather but now think we may head directly for Vancouver BC rather than Fernie which would be the nearest town with an ICBC (where we have to register) office.  We stayed in Fernie last year, it is a little rural and has limited facilities for camping, the one campground which could take us does not take reservations for rigs over 32ft.

We began our day at 7.40 am, we have stopped several times for breaks including a long lunch break allowing Robert to get a cat nap in. We have ended our day in Salem South Dakota, today we completed 452 miles – our total now completed is 1457 miles, if my maths is correct!

The sun is still shining, our shock is receding and we are getting into a routine for our sudden shift in programme. The Interstates so far have surprised us, we have run into some construction but it has not delayed us to any extent. For anyone wondering where the regeneration money is being spent we can probably direct them! The surroundings have kept us interested but we would have liked time to stop off a few places. never mind we can hopefully call back one day with more time.

To be continued……..


Seeing as the British seem to have carried out a few ‘battles’ with the folk over here is it any wonder they are careful about us!

2 Responses to “Location, Location, wrong Location!”

  1. Susan October 22, 2010 at 7:20 am #

    we’ve been thinking of you the last few days…sounds like you are making good time. Stay safe on the road and keep us posted on your progress!

  2. Gloria October 22, 2010 at 9:19 am #

    Bet you thought you would never need your alarm clock
    Take care

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