9 Oct

P1140626 Having sat out the storm on Friday we were pleased to see the sun on Saturday morning. Camden was holding an Arts and Crafts week end so we checked in for yet another night at the State Park and walked to town. The leaves are now changing rapidly and stood out well against the blue of the sky. Outside the public Library the Lions Club had set up a book sale which we stopped to browse and managed to find a few interesting books for little cost.

The Arts and Craft stands were set up on the park area overlooking the harbour. Two days ago the view was obscured by mist, today totally different, and so pretty.


We browsed the stalls, pictures both painted and photographs, jewellery and to my delight, yarn…. hand spun and hand dyed, some Alpaca too! We had also spotted a sign for a Farmers Market but could not find it, a quick question at the Visitor Information Office gave us directions but we only just got there before closing. We did manage to get some local produce however, from what we felt was a market in the true spirit of farmers Markets. It put us in the mind of some of the French ones we have been to, it was obvious by the rustic nature of it all that the sellers were small producers plying their wares.

The day had been blue from start to finish, just before dusk we took a stroll across to the P1140667waterside area of the park and spotted a schooner out for a sail, a perfect picture postcard sight.

Time to move on, further down the Maine coastline we stopped at Pemaquid Point for the night on Sunday. Just a mile walk from the lighthouse this made a good afternoon visit.


The Lighthouse Museum is full of interesting exhibits about the area and it’s fishing, and particularly lobster fishing, over the years. We climbed the lighthouse tower and remarked on how well kept it was. Not the easiest of access with a hatch to squeeze through towards the top, but, not the tallest either.

We often comment along our route about the names of places which are the same as towns or cities in the UK. We stopped off in Bath and discovered it had a historical town centre. Not quite the English city it shares its name with, but the buildings had plenty of their own history, it was however very quiet. Freeport not too far away, has changed the use of its old buildings into a retail outlet town and is thriving because of it. The entire main street is taken by Famous name stores, it is also the home of L.L.Bean (for UK readers this is a major name in sports and outdoor gear in the US) whose premises take up a large area in the town. Shoes were on the shopping list as Robert has yet again worn out his walking shoes, there were plenty to choose from but not a pair for him today!

Just to the south of Freeport is the head office and retail store of Delorme maps, we had been told we could not miss the landmark giant globe in front of the premises. When we spotted a visitor centre but had not found the store we popped in to ask. The friendly assistant pointed out the building straight across the street, if we had travelled 200yd further along the road we could have found it ourselves. The globe however is behind a huge glass frontage, not as we had envisaged on the side of the road. When you realise it is three floors high you can understand why. It rotates very slowly and standing waiting for the UK to come into view we watched the Pacific Ocean pass by, along with Japan, Indonesia and Europe – what a huge place the world is.

We were intending to end the day in a new State,  Massachusetts and as we neared the border between it and Maine the weather once again began to change, rain was falling as we arrived at Salisbury Beach State Reserve. The gate was deserted so we drove in and picked a site overlooking the estuary. It was grey and wet and getting late but Robert went in search of someone to pay, the camp host seemed none to concerned and told him someone would collect later or the next day. We were concerned as the sites were fully bookable, someone might come along and ask us to move, as it got darker, no one came for the site or the money so we settled in for a wet night.

Next morning was no better and with the forecast for strong winds and heavy rain we decided to stay put, at least we had a view even if it was a wet one.


The coast guard was about the only person venturing out and we think they were just exercising their boat taking pleasure in bouncing on the rough water. At the mouth of the estuary huge seas were crashing over the breakwater the waves then running up the river. The embankment next to us was protected by a huge boom which deflected the water back towards the middle of the channel otherwise I think it may have washed over our side too.

Once more the storm passed by and Thursday was again brighter if still blustery, before leaving we walked along the waterside to the ocean proper. Waves were still crashing on to the sandy beach but it was definitely an improving picture.


Still no one came to take our fees and on our way out we stopped at the gatehouse to pay. We felt better that we had paid but the reception when the fee was offered was quite indifferent making us wonder why we bothered!

This week we pass a few milestones on our adventures. The 3rd of October marked 2yrs since Roberts last day at work, today, the 9th was 2yrs since we flew out to Vancouver to look for and purchase haRVey and this week we have reached 25,000 miles on our odometer!

haRVey had managed around 1400  before we took delivery of him (manufactured in California the coaches are driven to the dealerships for delivery) however, we claim we have covered  those miles too,  in hire cars on various bits of our travels.

Hard to realise 2 years have passed and yet when we look back we have done so much, seen so many places we had only heard about and lots we had not known existed. We are certainly fitter for all our walking. We have become accustomed to a more relaxed life style, a simpler way of enjoying ourselves, content with our own company but happy to make new acquaintances. Originally we expected our adventure would be complete in 2 to 3 years, now we know that will not be the case as the further we travel, the more we realise how many more places we just MUST see. We sincerely hope we can continue to enjoy our new life.


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  1. Gloria October 11, 2010 at 11:48 am #

    Dont rub it in we are still working hard

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