Hurrah for Sunshine!

20 Feb

Well, I hoped for a brighter week, and so far it has been!

We had a wet journey from Calestoga to Petaluma on Monday, and Monday evening the TV was full of the storms and bad weather from the week end. We think we probably had about 4.5 inches over the week-end period. The ‘bit’ for the fridge was fixed by lunchtime and we were sent on our way to try it out. We stocked up at the local supermarket and were pleased to note a break in the clouds.

We were headed for Bodega Bay, by the coast and travelled through Sebastapol and other small towns along the 116 towards brighter sky. On arriving the sun was actually shining and the small harbour at Porto Bodega Bay looked very picturesque, if a bit puddly in places. We chose a spot looking out over the water, with a strong wind blowing head on to us. After all the rain it was very pleasant.

We decided we should take the opportunity to go for a walk, and set off around the bay road, we had taken the precaution of wearing waterproof jackets as there were some ominous clouds looming. The evidence of the winter storms were obvious and the local sheriff and a warden had been clearing a branch and tree debris from the road. We had a quick chat with them commenting on the weather, the sheriff told us the rain was just liquid sunshine, we laughed and carried on. We had just decide to turn back when the heavens opened with no shelter. Very quickly rain was dripping from all points and we were a bit bedraggled but still smiling when a car pulled up and offered a lift, non other than the sheriff who we had spoken to earlier! We declined and carried on muttering comments about liquid sunshine!
Tuesday seemed like it was going to be quite nice and as we liked our spot looking out at the harbour we decided we would stay another night, but take haRvy out for the day and visit Guerneville along the Russian river. We had not realised that just to the north of our little bay the coast opened up, and were taken aback by the wonderful view from the cliff tops, lots of photos later (Web album) we carried on. The turning for Guerneville is just before Jenner on the Highway 1 and the outfall from he river into the sea was very obvious as the colour changed from blue to muddy brown, the river was in flood all the way. Guerneyville is a small town on the river and originated from a saw mill at the head of a cutting through the redwoods, it had been called stump town as you had to pick your way through tree stumps, then changed name to honour a local businessman.

We had lunch in Safeway car park (the only place big enough to park haRVy) topped up with gas, and headed back to the coast. We stopped at Duncan’s Bay and walked down the cliff path on to the lovely beach, the sea was thundering in, huge rolling waves, and the sun smiled sweetly on us too! We also stopped at School House Beach, these little coves are so easy to reach and so pretty. There are lots of stopping places to pull in on the road, even for us. I expect in the main season it is so much busier, we are lucky to see it now at a quiet time.

Wednesday morning we pulled out early heading northwards on Highway 1, retracing yesterdays steps and passing through Jenner (again very pretty) the road became quite twisty and we climbed high above the sea, turning inland at times and others right on the very edge of the cliff. There were parts of the road which looked in need of repair, some which were being repaired. If the erosion continues in the not too distant future a journey such as ours may not be possible, I could imaging a weight/size restriction being imposed on the coastal route and the 101 being made the preferred route for large vehicles.

We arrived in Gualala and called at the tourist office, the lady advised that the campground we were intending to stay at may be closed, it was. Fortunately, in many ways, we had information for Anchor Bay RV Campground a few miles down the road and arrived here about 1.15pm in lovely sunshine. The campground is in a gully running down to the sea and we chose a pitch which overlooked the thundering waves. The afternoon was pleasantly passed pottering on the beach and watching the tide turn. The sea only being feet from our nose was great, unfortunately it was also very noisy and kept us awake on and off through the night. We awoke at around 6.45am to clear sky, the sun set at 6pm today, and has shone all day! We pottered up and down the beach, beach combing, had a walk to the village and the local deli/supermarket, sat and watched the sea and pottered some more. We like it here so tonight we are staying again, but in pitch 23, at the other end and away from the roaring waves….we can still see them from the side window, and tomorrow we will walk the 2min to the beach again no doubt, but, tonight hopefully, we can sleep too.


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