8 Feb
The last two days drives have taken us through some beautiful mountain scenery, twisty roads and snow covered craggy peaks. The pine trees standing out from the white snow highlighting the beauty of the landscape.
We were not expecting the roads we travelled to be quite as they were… especially the first one which the tourist information point had advised would be fine. It was, but only because we were fortunate enough not to meet anything coming the other way. At one point the road, just single width, was crumbling away, we stopped to take a photo and I noticed on the rocks on my side were painted two white crucifix….. we moved on swiftly!
Today the road was at least a two way carriageway with lines down the middle, it was however very twisty and we climbed to the snow line which we had been admiring from our previous nights campground in Etna. Over the top of the Scott mountain summit, 5410ft high with snow either side of the road, but fortunately not on it. Again, not a car or truck in sight, maybe we are the only fools, but we are the fools who enjoyed the clear blue sky and sunshine and wondered at the beauty of it all!
We arrived at Lewiston and our RV destination for the next two nights, the manager and his wife are very friendly as is their unbelievably well behaved, new, black Labrador puppy who arrived 10min before us but was making himself very at home. We walked into the local ‘town’ a mile away in glorious sunshine and enjoyed a cuppa’ sitting outside in the sunshine when we returned. The sun set on the surrounding mountains around 5.30 and by 6pm it was dark with a full moon and stars shining brightly. Looks like a cold night, hopefully tomorrow will be just as sunny so we can enjoy the river and surroundings and have a lazy Sunday!
P.S. Unfortunately not able to upload pictures at present, hope to add them to web album soon.

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