haRVy 2009

4 Feb

Well, here we are, on the road again. This time it’s the big one!

We set out from UK on 28th January, having spent a hectic few weeks spreading our possessions around family, friends and charity shops! The last week we both found incredibly tiring and were relieved to be on the plane and on our way, what was not done now, well it was just too late!

We were welcomed by our friends Sue and Jimmy with a lovely supper on the evening of our arrival and it was great to see them again. We stayed at their home until Sunday, sorting out paperwork and loading haRVy with our luggage. Whilst it has been very cold in BC over the few weeks we had left haRVy , there appeared to be no ill effects.

Sunday am bright and early we set off for the US boarder. We took notice of the instructions posted before the crossing which stated any vehicle over 12feet should use right hand lane, we are 13ft tall, I think the border police man thought we were queue jumping and was very off hand with us. We had to go in to the office to complete forms and formalities, the officer here was much more pleasant. So, without too much bother we were on our way in the good old US of A!

We headed south on the I5 for our first stop in Anocortes, stopping at Fred Myers for food and provisions. After being used to the beautiful scenery in Canada the surroundings seemed very commercial/industrial. Our site for the night overlooked a lovely bay, if you looked in the other direction however there was a huge refinery!

Next morning we set off about 9.30 towards Seattle, before too long we picked up the sunshine. The roads leading too and around Seattle were very busy, huge lorries, they seem even bigger down here, and we were pleased to be on the other side of this busy city. We found our second stop easily after a short drive off the I5 in a town called Elma. The site was close to another main road and therefore fairly noisy. This is not what we are used too!

Again today, Tuesday morning we set off on the road south. Following the 12 to I5 was a pleasure after all the busy roads of yesterday, the I5 was also much more rural today with forests at the side of the road. We stopped off at lunchtime in a Safeway shopping mall, buying bread and a few bits and then having lunch in haRVy in the car park, watching all the other RV passing or stopping off like us. The next landmark was the other Vancouver in Washington state, this marks the border with Oregon, the Columbia river divides the two states and just the other side is Portland. Our destination today was Silverton OR and we arrived at 3.25pm. Just in time to set up and have a cup of tea sitting in the afternoon sunshine (still a little chilly though). We intend to stay 2 nights here for some breathing space before heading south, we think one more stop in Oregon then into California.


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