Last Day!

9 Dec

Christmas is coming to Vancouver! This is the top of one of the large buildings downtown. If you look carefully you can see the lights on the lift just going up the middle column. Tallest Christmas tree in town I think.

Well, we were going a walk before our long confinement however as I sit here waiting for my breakfast I think its very unlikely as it is raining! How dare it on our last day!!!!
We popped over to haRVey yesterday to take a few last things to leave here, it was lovely going back in and feeling so like it was ‘home’ I am pleased to say haRVey was cosy and did not feel damp at all, tucked up with his buddies for the winter.
Our bags are all but packed, just the final bits to put in, so we are mentally preparing ourselves for the flight and jet lag. It seems so long since we left home and yet in another way not long at all. However we have filled our time to the brim and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. We have been so lucky with the accommodation we chose, and had great hosts, that has been a huge bonus. Finding our way around and getting to know Canada (well Vancouver at least) not just places but systems, and laws, has been an education, and we have been thankful to have our friends Sue and Jimmy to help us out with all sorts of things, not least their hospitality and storing our boxes until we return.
This will be our last post on this blog as I intend to start afresh (after lessons over Christmas from the blog master {Thank you Christopher}) in February when we return. URL details when we have them.
So, I hope you have enjoyed our trip too and that we have been able to pass on some of the experience we have had, we hope to catch up with as many people as possible while we are home but in advance wish you all a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and Great New Year to come.

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