The waiting game!

4 Dec
The view with no water, just more fog!

A week has gone by since my mammoth update and we have spent a fair bit of that time waiting. From Thursday of last week we had fog and rain but whilst waiting for it to clear our mind was on other things, waiting for missey to arrive! Funnily enough both happened around the same time.

Once we had settled ourselves that all was well back home, and seen the pictures just to prove it, we were able to get out in the improving weather. So having spoken to Elizabeth ( now home )Wednesday morning here, we headed off to the top of Capilano Road and the Cleveland dam, built in 1954 (same as Robert!) This is all part of the reservoir system above Vancouver which provides water for the city. The water here is very soft, great for the hair and skin, and very economical on washing products!

The water cascades from the lake over the edge of the dam and into the canyon beyond. Strangely the wall of the dam had a high fence until you got to the most dangerous bit in the middle, where it was much lower.Seems like if you are going over they don’t want to make it difficult!

The lake was very picturesque with the cloud rising off it, this was taken about 2.30pm with the temperature around 7 degrees! Yes, still much warmer than the UK!
That was yesterday, today we were promised a much better day before yet more rain, so we got out early, it looked quite sunny but there was frost on the car a 9.30am! We had decided to take a look at yet another trail in Lower Seymour Park but it needed to be fairly dry as we now have left our walking boots in storage with friends until we return in February and only have trainers to walk in. Parking on the other side of the river than on our previous trips we took a trail along the side of the river over a bridge down towards the suspension bridge and back to the car using part of the Baden Powell trail. It was cold, about 3 degrees and the mist was down in the valley, however when you get to a uphill section the blood soon starts rushing round and warms you up, noses and ears suffer most. We walked about 5.5 miles and were grateful to be back at the car.
As it was about lunchtime and we had brought it with us, we drove down to Stanley Park and found a spot overlooking the boats to sit and eat lunch. The mist had burned off down there so we then drove around to False Creek parked again, and to catch the best of the day walked round towards Yaletown and back. I am now sitting with my cup of tea and cookies which I think
I have probably earned as we have again walked about 10 miles!
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