Queen Elizabeth Park

26 Nov

We have visited several Provincial Parks during our stay, they are usually wooded, fairly wild but cared for areas, so it made a change to have a walk around a ‘garden’ park.
It was a cold and frosty morning with clear blue sky, this only enhanced the views of both the well manicured parkland and the scenery beyond. The park was transformed from a quarry into this lovely
garden using the natural contours left behind by the excavations. I hope we can come back and see it in the summer too!

I met a couple of folk who were enjoying the sunshine, they were not too talkative, maybe he cold had got to them!
They had a friend too, look at the web album for more pics

The formal conservatory and fountain set with the mountains behind them show how blue the sky was, another lovely day! It is cold now though, daytime is around 7 – 9 degrees max. but we have yet to feel the cold biting winds we get at home.

This Coyote was looking very nervous wandering around in the open parkland not far from the fountain!

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