Walking and Winterizing haRVey

18 Nov

(Having issues getting photos into the places I want them so sorry for the awfull formatting appearance on this one, but I wanted you to see the pics.) (Had a play around with the images for you, hope they’re roughly where you wanted! – Christopher)

Well we said we were going for a walk! As usual it didn’t turn out quite as we thought! We decided to try a different track at Lower Seymour reserve, sorted the route drove over (about 15min) and set out on our walk.

All went well, we got a bit warm, Robert had insisted I try out my new waterproof trousers, I now think they will be best at about 3 degrees, they were far to warm for today anyway, so off came the coat and later the jacket too.We had planned a circuit which took in part of 3 trails, with an extension if we felt up to it. At the point we reached the start of the extension we did, so onwards we trecked…it got a bit muddy and rougher after this point but nothing our new toggs couldn’t deal with.

After a while I commented it seemed a long way to the place we should join the next trail, I was assured we still had a way to go. Robert had been in the supermarket and bought cheesy bagels and we eventually decided we would have to eat on the ‘hoof’ as picnic benches were few and far between and anyway would be a bit wet.

I commented again about the distance and a thought occurred to me that perhaps the map of the Reserve we had with the pathways on it was not to scale. We checked the map again and decided if the trail took its route away from the river in the next 200 yds or so we knew where we were. It did and quite soon we arrived at the trail signs and a junction.We were not however exactly where we thought we were… we were about 11 km away from our starting point with 7km to get us back there again.

Fortunately after a rough uphill bit of path (last thing you need at this point in time) we found the ‘road’ which was a wide gravel made up roadway, and followed that back. I am not sure if it was a good thing or not but we could see the road ahead quite clearly and with km markers at the side of the road we could count down to the end.18.3km(11.5miles) and 2hr 57 later we arrived back at the car, foot sore, but quite proud of our achievement, we had a little celebration at 10miles, first time I had walked that far, ever!

Needless to say Monday arrived with a degree of stiff and sore body bits we previously did not know we had! So, an easier day was required. As the forecast was good we decided it was a good day to pop over and cuddle haRVey up for the winter.

As daylight arrived there was actually a big blanket of fog in the bay which looked quite eerie as the boats and buildings emerged through it, quite spectacular too!

On arriving at the storage sight, Robert started by getting up on the roof and brushing the pine needles off the awnings and gutters, I tediously picked them out of the trim on the lower parts, they had been bugging me since the first campground so it was a labour of love.

The water tanks had to be drained, we had purposely not filled them before going back to Travel Land so they would be ready for this process, Travel Land very ‘kindly’ had refilled for us! 45 gallons of cold water and 6gallons from the hot system(thanks Karston for the tools to shift the tight nut) later we were empty again.

Gas treatment added to the gas(petrol) tank, antifreeze pumped through the water system, plastic coats on the air conditioner vents, the exhaust pipes and other vents, check list checked several times.YES! were done!

We had discovered a huge new Wal Mart close by and promised ourselves a Tim Hortons coffee and cake as a reward so we left haRVey with his pall’s and headed off. Sitting having our treat (best muffins we have tasted by the way, Yum!) we started remembering things we had intended to do and had forgotten.

Not sure if this is a subconscious ploy to go and see haRVey again or senility setting in (no comments required) but we have to pop back at some point to finish off. It was 7.30pm when we got ‘home’, where does time go! Thankfully a day completed without too much exertion! (speak for yourself….R)


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