From Whistler and return.

7 Nov
Whistler was wet on our arrival, just as the journey had been, but Saturday morning dawned dry but grey. We donned our boots and coats and map in hand walked the 45 min or so into Whistler village. Our last visit had been in August, the village then was bustling with people, today, between summer and winter season, also the morning after Halloween, it was much quieter. I was in need of a coffee shot and we headed for the ever present Starbucks, Robert decided he liked the look of the apple fritters; I opted for a healthier muffin. The Apple fritter, which was about the size of a tea plate, was a large doughnut crossed with a yum yum, in disguise, and probably contained neigh on a days worth of calories, needless to say it kept Robert going for some time!

We walked back whilst it was still dry, however the rain arrived soon after our return and we spent the afternoon indoors. Sunday also began wet but a pause in the rain tempted us to don our boots and coats again and head out on one of the many trails which surround the campground. We crossed the Fitzsimmons Creek, which is much the size of the Derwent River at home, the trail then went uphill slightly and through woodland, although the it was called panoramic there were no great views, the path was gravel and easy walking, unfortunately my new boots had rubbed a little previously and began to take their toll on my heels during this walk. The rain arrived again as we were returning and we had lunch watching snow falling on the higher parts of the mountains about 300ft above us.

Robert, as usual wanting to be mobile, decided he was up for another walk after lunch, so left me nursing sore feet to explore a lake we had spotted as we walked back to the campground. The photos he took show how lovely the area around the lake is and looking at the map the main road ran right along the opposite side. We decided that Monday, as we left we could take the road North along the lakeside, so I could view without endangering my sore feet, then turn left which should have been a scenic route back to the 99, bypassing the centre of Whistler.

We had viewed Paradise Valley (Squamish) campground on our reconnaissance and identified a site which was fairly open in the wooded campground. Returning to it, now, in the Coach, we realised how much bigger we are than a car! The entrance seemed very narrow, all the rain had brought down most of the leaves which had been so colourful on the trees previously making a mushy, slippery road surface and generally the sites looked small, damp and not as inviting as we remembered. A lesson learned (make better allowance for our size) we decided to retrace our path cross the main road to Alice Lake Park, have some lunch and then head back to Porteau Cove.

We already new the site we had occupied before would be closed for the winter so we drove in to find a suitable spot to enjoy the view. Another A class was occupying site 14 so we carried on and decided upon site 17, reversed up and settled in. As it was DRY and not particularly cold (if you are wearing 4 layers and a waterproof) we bravely decided we could manage to sit outside with a cup of tea. This is such a beautiful spot and what a bonus to arrive on a dry afternoon, just a few birds of various types, either flying over, or, diving beneath the calm stretch of unspoilt water. We sat on the picnic

bench and took in the view, enjoying the solitude
Next morning looked promising from the start, so, after a fairly early breakfast we set out for a stroll, you can’t do much more as the entire walkable area is probably only a half mile. Mushroom hunting always keeps Robert occupied and looking for wildlife has certainly been challenging too, sensibly they are all tucked up somewhere comfy. We did see a seal, just below us when we were on the boat launch,I was about to pronounce him a piece of wood when he rolled over and looked at us and got about as much of a shock as I did so shot off!
The day proved to be the best for the week and we sat on our picnic bench for a jacket potato lunch and drank in the view, it is getting dark around 4.30 now the clocks have changed, so we headed indoors for our last evening ‘out’ . It began to rain during the night and by the time we woke Thursday morning it was very wet again. We stashed everything away in preparation to move but this time packed up for leaving the RV with Travel Land for some small jobs and us to go back to West Vancouver.
The journey was extremely wet and we were more than relieved to arrive back at our starting point. Being in the coach enables you to have a great view, however when there is only a 3ft high concrete curb between you, the edge of the road and a 300ft drop to the sea, it does not seem such a bonus and as there is a lot of this on highway 99 a few more kittens were delivered!
We feel this trip has been very successful, we are now more aware of our needs for next year, and understand some of our limitations – and challenges – whilst we are looking forward to Christmas and seeing everyone we are also very keen to get back on the road.

One Response to “From Whistler and return.”

  1. Elizabeth November 8, 2008 at 9:35 am #

    STUNNING photos!Sounds like you had a successful , and enjoyed yourselves! Rest those sore feet now, it sounds like you are going to need a really good pair of boots to keep up with Dad. We have both been impressed with our merrells, very comfy and Al has only just started complaining his are worn out after 2 years everyday use (boots usually only last him 6 months, worth the investment! )Maybe start toughening them up with surgical spirit once the blisters are heaaled too? (your feet not boots!)anyway we have an idea of what to get you for xmas now!!!

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