The Snowbirds have landed!

12 Oct

We have now arrived in West Vancouver and have had two glorious Autumn days to get aclimatised to our new time zone. Our flights went well with only a 15 min delay out of Heathrow. We arrived at the appartment at around 9:30 at night after taking an unscheduled detour through Stanley Park, the bonus was we saw two families of Racoon, however our beds would have been far more welcome!
The appartment is realy nice and we have fantastic views out over the bay. We took a trip up Cyprus mountain yesterday as it was so clear to see the view accross to Washington State. Today we have been down to Abbotsford and taken a first look at RV’s then wandered around the Mount Leman area for a while, had a picnic and a strole in the Autumn sunshine and back for tea. We are having problems with the wireless network and our very friendly landlord is doing his best to fix it but until we can get our own computer going there will be no pictures or web cam so we will try to get sorted very soon.

4 Responses to “The Snowbirds have landed!”

  1. chris hill October 12, 2008 at 7:03 am #

    Glad to hear you arrived OK, sounds like you’re enjoying exploring! I read your post out to Kai and he says ‘hello grandma and grandad!’

  2. Elizabeth October 12, 2008 at 10:23 am #

    Hi,Good to hear from you, G and G are down safely and coming to see us later, we are taking them to the carvery for tea.Will get them to read and comment when they arrive!Read out your post to Al, he is impressed, lots of ohhs! and ahhs! think he’d love to be there too! Hope you get the wifi sorted out soon, tried it with Jennie the other day, she had picture and no sound again, then it crashed and she sat there looking bored for 5 minutes with me going ‘slow isn’t it?’, ‘not workin?’ ‘helllloooo!’ until I texted her and we had to give up!Look forward to more updates soon,Love EAZ and LM

  3. Elizabeth October 12, 2008 at 2:27 pm #

    Hello Here we are with Elizabeth And Alistair at last. Wonderful weather.Glad to hear you are ok and enjoying good weather too.Love to you both xxMum and Dad( just in case you hadn’t realised)

  4. Rachel and Rich October 14, 2008 at 7:49 pm #

    Glad to hear you’re both ok. All ok here. Hoping to teach Mum how to leave messages and read the site when I next go over.Lots of LoveRachel and Rich x x

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