September 30th

30 Sep

Well here we are at the end of September, now only 3 days left for Robert to work, his wind down has been somewhat hampered by chasing around to get dental x-rays yesterday and getting them checked today. I am pleased to say apart from a dormant abscess there is nothing sinister going on with his jaw, the dentist is quite happy that it will all settle down soon. If it were me with jaw ache there would be some obvious comments, however I think lack of use could possibly be sited for Robert’s cause!

I am slowly gathering belongings together to pack, had a good day yesterday washing (bad day today, ironing it all) and tidying the garden. I think I may have found a hedgehog nest. Robert saw a hedgehog in the garden a few nights ago, and I uncovered a large pile of leaves etc. whilst cutting back dead growth on the clematis. I did not want to disturb his hidy hole, so didn’t poke around to see if he was home or not! I will keep an eye on it for a few days and see what happens, he may not like the fact I have taken the shelter from above him and move on which would be a shame.

I have been rehousing my house plants, we will have to turn everything off for the insurance to be valid so the ones I leave will have to be tough…they will have to go at Christmas anyway. I am hoping some of the orchids may come back into flower for when we return if I water them and leave them in a bright spot, I think they will survive, they have two chances.

As the days get colder I keep changing my mind about what clothes to take with me, especially as BC has been in mid to high 20’s recently. 18degrees is the average for this time of year, as it’s about 12 here I suppose it will be like going back a few weeks. It drops fairly dramatically in October however and me being a cold bod. I want to be sure to have enough woollies etc!

Not sure if I will post again now before we fly, depends on time and if there is anything to tell, don’t want to bore you before we get to the interesting bit! So…see you in BC sometime after the 9th.. watch this space, and please let me know if you are, just to reassure me I am not talking to myself!!!


3 Responses to “September 30th”

  1. Elizabeth October 1, 2008 at 11:39 am #

    Hi Mum,Just looked at the apartment in Vancouver, looks amazing! Wish we could come out and visit (somehow don’t think I will be able to smuggle my bump onto a trans atlantic flight now!!!) And you have internet access so no excuse for not updating the blog at least daily!Thanks for the itinery, I’m going to pin it on the fridge now.As we said last night I think the main challenge now is to get Dad packed!!!Enjoy the excitement and try not to get stressed, we really hope you and Dad enjoy ‘living the dream!’Lots of LoveElizabeth, Alistair, Zena (woof!) and Lil missy xxxx

  2. chris hill October 3, 2008 at 1:00 pm #

    Hello!Just reassuring you that I’m reading up on what you’re getting up to!I’m sure if you don’t pack enough clothes of the right type that you’ll be able to buy warmer/cooler clothes while over there, I hear they have one or two shops in America… 🙂

  3. Rachel Collier October 5, 2008 at 7:27 pm #

    Hi Aunty,Just letting you know were keeping up with events too. Wishing you a good flight and hope you have a great time. If it’s half as good as our trip to Australia then it will be great!!Lots of LoveRachel and Rich

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