2 Sep

Yet again I seem to have neglected my duties, so here goes with a catch up.

I have been busy sorting and disposing of unwanted items and finding future homes for other ‘stuff”. Christopher told me about freecycle and I joined the Hexham group, with some success. Several objects now have new homes with folk who will use them. I also had another dabble on e-bay and was more successful this time, although I do find it very time consuming, partly because I feel I must keep checking the bids, just in case!

Last Thursday as we went to bed I commented to Robert that ‘in 6 weeks we will be on our flight’ only to find on Friday when we got up the News that Zoom had gone into liquidation! Our October flights were booked with them, fortunately through a credit card, so hopefully in due course we will be reimbursed. I got on and re booked with BA and this proved to be a blessing in disguise as we discovered BA have a great baggage allowance, so all my worries about 20K and one piece of hand luggage have now been dispelled. You could say you get what you pay for but surprisingly the BA flights were not much more than the Zoom ones, (they were when we originally booked).

We have now booked for our main trip in January too, fly out 28th January – home – 21st May, just in time for all those birthdays.

My new toy is a new mobile, with walkman, I now have to record all the tracks I want on to it and learn how to categorise them, my plan is to use it in flight to help shut out the aircraft noise and lull me to sleep. Watch this space to see if it is successful.
Looking on the Canadian RV web sites there seem to be a few decent vans with reasonable prices on them so hopefully there will be something left when we get there.

Before all that I have two lovely weeks coming up with Ebony, including the plumber putting in a new boiler at Jennie and Scott’s house, and still lots to sort out here.

Promise more soon!!!

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