First travels!

18 Jul

How quickly these three weeks have passed, and on Monday I will be setting off for Nuneaton. I am staying with M&D Hill, and catching up with freinds and family. Robert and Christopher have tickets for the Silverstone Classic week-end and will be joining me on the Friday,then Robert and I will travel down to Plymouth to check progress on the ‘bump’ alias ‘lilfella’ who is getting his second picture taken next week(19weeks).

We have managed to track down an old friend from our Leicester days in Penzance and will be staying with Linda for a couple of nights before coming home via Chester, which Robert has wanted to revisit for a long while.

When we get back Robert will have just six weeks before his last day at work..and our departure date to BC. I have been browsing the web today, looking at the Oregon Coast route and found some great photos(
also looking at temperatures in February, we need to head well south I think to find reasonable weather,it will still be warmer than UK but I think it may be rather wet!!

Robert purchased web cams last week-end, and has spent several hours dotting between one computer and the other trying to get them set up, so far we have sound at one end and not the other, vision is OK, so hopefully one party can lip read! Perhaps better to get them working properly. One is for M&D Hill, and I think I may have the job of setting it up next week,it would be good as that will mean I can see/talk to Robert, he will probably get the one with no sound so he can say he did not hear what I said.

Postings over the next three weeks will be good practice for the future, keep in touch!

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