Lady of ?Leasure?

4 Jul

I have now completed one week at home, having Mum and Dad here Monday and Tuesday was great, and, as some predicted felt like I was on holiday!

What a day Friday was. The good people of Specials made it a day to remember, especially my Mounties! I will post photos as soon as Sharron forwards them, however a huge public thank you to one and all for making it such a memorable occasion for me.

I have managed to do some sorting out and put some things on e-bay, which I found time consuming but addictive, Robert is now concerned that he may get posted to e-bay if I get carried away. However in sorting that I have looked at the cost of shipping to Canada which does not seem to costly and could sort out our excess baggage worries.

Ebony had her second Birthday on Sunday and we all had a great time, to celebrate I am now going to attempt to post my first photo, the three birthday kids, all together munching smarties,here goes folks!


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